Hide: global warming is good for you!

Continuing on from the last post, yet another right-wing nutbar…

Rodney Hide. Following on from his insane accusations that the EPMU is racist (true), Hide goes beyond climate change denial in a speech to the ACT Upper South Regional Conference (hat-tip: Hot Topic, where Gareth Renowden dissects the wilful ignorance):

“A warmer climate with more CO2 in the atmosphere is an unambiguous benefit to New Zealand and to the world. I don’t know what we are scared of. A New Zealand that was one or two degrees warmer would be a better place to live and better environment for agriculture. The same is true for CO2. We pump the stuff into our greenhouses to stimulate plant growth. It’s the number one nutrient with carbon through photosynthesis being the source of all life.”

Um, Rodney, it’s not being one or two degrees warmer in New Zealand that concerns so many scientists. It’s the effects on the global climate, ecological systems, and other places. You know, stuff like permafrost melting, unprecedented Arctic sea ice melts, the acidification of oceans…


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3 Responses to “Hide: global warming is good for you!”

  1. stephen23 Says:

    “the acidification of oceans…”

    Not something that gets enough attention…

  2. zin Says:

    the good for you argument.. would make it good for the aforementioned Hide to put his head into a bag filled with carbon dioxide gas.. and to ensure the full benefit pull a cord to seal it about his neck.. yes..?

    of course the result, widely anticipated by sound scientific minds, might prove more than beneficial for the many otherwise misled folks able and willing take in such verbal crap..

    BTW: my guess is Hide;s claim to being an “environmental scientist” per the party website stems from the source of his ‘good for you’ view. Arizona state.. Back then. When peers did their own reviews and oilcos paid then handsomely so to do..

  3. Alexander Says:

    And a right winger that stands for the environment.. awesome . he’s even a environmental scientist.

    NZ never cared for the environment that’s just a NZ myth, NZ voted for an obviously ‘anti environment party and there cronies. Sadness of this all is that we are an agricultural nation that depends on the “environment” but they cant see it beyond that all important dollar, once we lose that green nz image, we will lose that special relationship with the rest of the world as a green destination and then bye bye exports

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