Right-wing nutbar #2

Following right on from the previous thread…

Russell Brown exposes kiwiblog-right hero Auckland local body politician Aaron Bhatnagar’s “extensive history of inappropriate political editing of Wikipedia: directed at [Christine] Caughey, her Action Hobson party and former mayor Dick Hubbard.”

An especially sad example is his removing mention of Caughey being awarded Metro’s Aucklander of the Year — shortly after her defeat last year.

A reader has noted that Bhatnaghar’s alias of ‘Barzini‘ is a psychotic mafia boss in Mario Puso’s The Godfather who seeks to extend his evil empire through dirty tricks and ruthless violence. It is also the name of a well known gay night club in Montevideo.

Russell’s post deserves the widest readership.


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3 Responses to “Right-wing nutbar #2”

  1. adamsmith1922 Says:

    Did you mean “Kiwiblog-Right” as a complete phrase or did you mean just right?

    Personally, I am no fan of Bhatnagar. Nor despite the fact that I comment from time to time at Kiwiblog, would I describe myself as a “Kiwiblog-Rightist”, indeed I am sure that to some members of that grouping I might be seen as dangerously liberal.

    Adam, I was merely shortening “hero of the kiwiblog right”. The term kiwiblog right denotes a particular group of commenters on kiwiblog who may be distinguished by their crude, generally ignorant and extreme right-wing views. You don’t qualify as a member on any count, I’m happy to say. They’re the ones who, for example, scream “PAY THE BILL!” at the mention of Muliaga’s name: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2007/05/suspend_the_lynch_mob.html

  2. Anon Says:

    yeah, but he kicked Caughey’s arse in the elections. I doubt Wikipedia had much to do with this.

    Did Bahtnaghar express an opinion on Mrs Mulianga?

    I think that Caughey kicked her own arse by being so closely associated with the debacle that was the last Council. Bhatnagar’s opinion on Mulianga is neither here nor there. You always seem a little confused about things, Anon. But I checked and it didn’t look as though even the kiwiblog right has a lot of time for Bhatnagar, so I’ve amended the post accordingly.

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