Junior Docs’ dispute with DHBs settled

The Resident Doctors’ Association and the DHBs have settled their dispute. Radio New Zealand reports that:

“District Health Boards announced on Tuesday they have agreed on a proposed settlement with the union representing junior doctors, and it will now go to doctors for their response.The pay deal is believed to extend until the end of 2009, incorporate a 5% lump sum and an increase of at least 8.65%.”

The 15 month-old pay talks had been deadlocked for months with the junior doctors striking for 48 hours in April and May.

The terms of the proposed settlement must, of course, be ratified by the union’s members, as the RDA points out. It is therefore premature to make the announcement as the DHBs’ representative has, so I will not comment on it further.

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One Response to “Junior Docs’ dispute with DHBs settled”

  1. macdoctor01 Says:

    This amounts to a complete cave-in by the DHBs (and about time too!) The RDA was asking for 10% each year for the next three years. The big question is why not extend until 2011? Otherwise it will be rolling strikes again in 2010.

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