Boofhead of the week

Despite all of the political circuses, the boofhead of week has to be… a school soccer coach.

In an epic case of denial and schoolboy level pettiness, Mt Albert Grammar School coach Kevin Fallon says that Auckland Grammar School’s refusal to play in today’s Knockout Cup final is because they don’t want to lose.

Nothing to do with this incident when the two teams met in Napier last week, of course:

The Herald understands police interviewed Fallon about alleged “manhandling” of an Auckland Grammar player and that officers have DVD footage from the game.

Auckland Grammar headmaster John Morris, a former New Zealand goalkeeper and ex-chairman of NZ Soccer, reportedly said a brawl between players began following a tackle on a Grammar player.

He claimed Fallon became involved, manhandling one of the Grammar players, and said he thought Fallon himself ended up on the ground following pushing and shoving.

Good on Grammar for taking a stand against this sort of behaviour. I’ve never suffered from a surfeit of pride in my old school — ambivalence would be a fair description — but I feel proud about this.



5 Responses to “Boofhead of the week”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    Boofhead??? What disgraceful language.

    Redbaiter, Seemed apropriate at the time. But you may have a point; I see it’s not in the OED. 🙂

  2. toms Says:

    I totally agree. As a fellow product of an exclusive private school, I believe it is important to ensure that we don’t have those working class boys from the families of the *sniff* manual labouring classes roughing up our precious lads! Heaven forbid.

  3. vandem Says:

    You may want to clairfy your post. At a first read it sounded like your “Good on Grammar for taking a stand against this sort of behaviour” comment was directed at Fallon.

    But on a re-read I now assume the “sort of behaviour” you are concerned about is the “brawl between players”. Other readers should note that action has been taken:
    More from NZHe, same link as above:

    One player from each side was sent off and subsequently suspended by the NZ Secondary Schools Football Association, but no action was taken against Fallon.
    And from Stuff:

    Police received an assault complaint after a school football match in which former All Whites coach Kevin Fallon allegedly manhandled a player during an “all-in brawl”.

    But they say the incident was investigated and no charges would be laid against Fallon, players or team officials.

  4. vandem Says:

    and yes, I do think that your phrase “an epic case of denial and schoolboy level pettiness” fits the very strange comments from Fallon.

  5. jafapete Says:

    toms, Ha ha, why do you think the ambivalence? My uncle went to MAGS BTW. And AGS is not private, even if it provides a better education than the top fee-paying schools.

    But you could be right if you classify Fallon as a “working class boy.”

    vandem, We don’t know the extent to which Fallon might have inflamed or initiated the incident in question. But you are correct, the contrast is between those who allegedly participate in and condone this behaviour (brawling) and those who do not. I’m talking about the so-called adults here, the people with responsibility for the safety of the children, responsibility for setting examples, and all. Thanks for clarifying this point.

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