Looking Presidential


Sen. Barack Obama expressed confidence Monday that lawmakers would come through with a financial rescue package… [telling] voters at a campaign event in Denver, Colorado, that it’s important to “stay calm, because things are never smooth in Congress.””

Not Presidential

“McCain’s campaign accused Democrats of injecting politics into the American economy… “Barack Obama failed to lead, phoned it in, attacked John McCain and refused to even say if he supported the final bill. … This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country.””

Note that McCain also “phoned it in”, tried to take credit for the congressional deal before it passed failed — such a maverick! –, refused to “even say if he supported the final bill”, and failed miserably as a leader, being unable to convince his own people to support their own President’s proposal.

Update: only hours after trying to pin the blame on Obama for his own side failing to support the bailout deal that he was supposed to have fixed, McCain says:

“Now is not the time to fix the blame, it’s time to fix the problem.

Oh, that’s so presidential.



3 Responses to “Looking Presidential”

  1. chamika Says:

    and to think people still vote for McCain! They buy into his lies like children taking candy… Forget Palin and the fact that she’s not competent, McCain is enough for me not to vote republican.
    But you know, if Democrat supporters and Republican supporters calm down and stop attacking each other based on the candidates, there’ll probably be less anger all around and people will actually listen to the policies and decide intelligently. I have seen too much arguing among voters in comments sections. When people get heated up, they forget that they are voting for the next person who will have some control over their lives. They vote out of spite and that’s really bad. People will only realize they’re mistake when the damage is done, like with Bush.

  2. Mick Kingsley Says:

    Vote for the bill was 140 DEM. and 65 REP. And against was 95 DEM. and 133 REP.

    More Repubican voted agaist the Bill than democrats so how can McCain accuse Obama or democrat for its failure!

    Is McCain Mad or does he thinks that the American public are stupid! May be they are for them to keep buying into these blatant lies!!!!

  3. Richard Putney Says:

    Open letter to politicians –

    I am responding to your recent comments towards shoring up support among the American people for a reactionary and poorly constructed 700+ billion dollar bail out of irresponsible lenders.

    You are entering dangerous water here. The fact is you’re reacting to the the clamor of the press parroting the voice of wealthy investors. We the people do not need to be convinced of a bad plan, we need a better plan.

    You have been fed a line. The people understand the issue. What you must understand is that we are looking for real assurances, not verbal assurances. These assurances must be in the form of amendments to the Bush plan. This is necessary for earning the trust of the American people, and for providing a solution which will benefit investors, the people, and the state of American finances going forward.

    1) This bailout money MUST be loaned at interest and not given. This is the only sound way to ensure that the people will get a return on their investment, and it will offer significant mechanisms to offload some of the burden from the taxpayer as the economy stabilizes.

    2) Significant lending regulations must either be enacted or required by the bill to be enacted within (n) months. With no guarantee that our investment wont be mismanaged by the same guilty institutions you can not expect popular support for the bill.

    Your support of this bill without amendments will be a clear betrayal of the trust you worked so hard to earn over your campaign.

    You stand to lose your capital as a person in US politics who the people believe -might- be on their side. Given that that is the fuel that your campaign runs on, I think you would be very interested to know that we the people do not support this bill, nor should you.

    I will do everything in my power to communicate these points and point out your lack of understanding of the common people, with whom you claim to stand until your position is modified to require these necessary amendments to Bush’s economic plan.

    Remember us. Do not betray us. You were deceived by the voice of the press parroting the voice of wealthy investors. We the people do not need to be convinced of a bad plan, we need a better plan.

    Richard Putney

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