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Palin for President!

October 2, 2008

This is so funny…

That said, I expect Palin to “win” her debate with Biden, simply by spewing out values-based generalities and looking unphased about it all. [Update:] In view of ak’s comment, I should add that it won’t make any difference at all to the final outcome on Nov 4, which is looking better as every day goes by. Also, some people have even been able to find the poetry in Palin’s stream of consciousness rambling… Seriously. Here’s my favourite:

“On Good and Evil”

It is obvious to me
Who the good guys are in this one
And who the bad guys are.
The bad guys are the ones
Who say Israel is a stinking corpse,
And should be wiped off
The face of the earth.

That’s not a good guy.

(To K. Couric, CBS News, Sept. 25, 2008)