Game on!? Nats ahead only 3% in poll shock

The latest Roy Morgan poll is a stunner! It puts National’s vote down 7% at 40.5% and Labour’s up 1 point to 37.5%, since the last Morgan poll two weeks ago. (Hat-tip Adam.)

The big winners appear to be the Greens, up to 2.5% to 9%, and ACT, up 2% to 3.5%. NZ First lose a point to 4%, but would still be competitive if this poll is accurate.

And that’s the problem. It’s just one poll. And one poll does not a summer of left-wing joy make. It may very well turn out to be a “rogue.” Then again…

Latest poll (N = 923) taken between September 22–October 5, 2008.

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5 Responses to “Game on!? Nats ahead only 3% in poll shock”

  1. ak Says:

    But a loveable rogue eh Pete!
    Morgan’s not noted for roguidity (forgive the neologism) but, and don’t forget they had the gap at only 6% just a month ago. The “Winnie hysteria” was always just another thin media storm that would abate quickly (like every tory whip-up since Orewa One), and this result didn’t include the “South of fifty” Claytons tax-cut-my-butt debacle or the latest Secret Agenda tape. That roar you hear is the sound of tory sphincters snapping shut……

    ak, You have such a delicious way with words.

  2. showmethetaxcut Says:

    Game on! Rubbish.

    RM polls have been out of step with other polls for some time. Look at the last one. They must be using a different methodology.

  3. Views on the poll « Homepaddock Says:

    […] Jafapete  says it’s game on. […]

  4. Clint Heine Says:

    Ya know polls like this only makes it harder for you on election day when the actual results go the opposite way. Why do it to yourself?

    Thanks for your concern, Clint. But “game on” is not the same as the “it’s in the bag” tune that you’ve been singing all year. It just means that the elections going to be a little more exciting than it was shaping up to be.

  5. Clint Heine Says:

    I beg to differ mate, and it wasn’t my post on the blog either, was my co-blogger 🙂

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