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Update on alcohol bill

June 18, 2008

Sanity has prevailed. But only because George Hawkins managed to get Parliament’s consent last evening for his Private Member’s Bill to proceed by presenting it when both ACT MPs were not in the House. The Bill aims to restrict the number of liquor outlets.

The Nats tried to make political capital from the minor spate of violent, bungled crimes over the past week — each one a tragedy. In contrast to ACT’s view that Hawkins’ Bill is just a “cynical and transparent attempt” to make it look as though Labour cares about public safety,” National criticised the amount of time it had taken the Government to tackle the proliferation of liquor outlets.

Despite his professed concerns over delays, Key still proposed “a comprehensive select committee inquiry” to look at law and order taking in the liquor use and licensing issues.

Perhaps ACT’s MPs decided it would be better to, er, hide, while their colleagues unanimously let Hawkins’ Bill proceed. Apparently he was applauded for his efforts.

Around the blogosphere… Idiot Savant examines the basis for this “knee jerk reaction” with his/her/their customary perspicacity, while skinny on-sells TV3’s comparison of liquor outlets per capita, and gets confused about the issues. Maybe he should stick to identifying stock images.

Postscript: Got to last night’s (Tuesday) taping of media7, on the media treatment of the Police. Some very interesting stuff emerged, so catch it tonight if you have a freeview box, or download it tomorrow. Details on Russell Brown’s publicaddress blog.


Alcohol madness

June 17, 2008

Some interesting reactions to Helen Clark’s comments about the liquor licensing laws in the wake of last week’s killing of Manurewa liquor store owner Navtej Singh. Clark noted the “grave concerns” of the Police about the role alcohol was playing in violent offending, and the soaring number of liquor outlets “since rules were relaxed in 1989 and new research linked outlet density with binge drinking and alcohol-related harm.”

The Drug Foundation “welcomes (the) PM to alcohol debate.” They say that the voices of a number of communities are ignored when liquor licensing decisions are made:

“Improving liquor licensing laws along with addressing cheap booze and liberal marketing practices will go a long way to turning around New Zealand’s poor drinking culture”, said Ross Bell.

Sounds reasonable. Of course communities should have a voice in how a dangerous drug is pushed on their streets. But wait… (more…)