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Garth George’s good old days

May 29, 2008

This morning, news of another acquittal in a high-profile murder case. That’s the second in a week. These acquittals are coming faster than petrol price rises. And this one was criticised as “shoddy” and “selective” by the defence counsel, a QC no less.

No, this blog is not about bashing the cops. They’re not perfect, but they do a difficult job. It’s about NZ’s silliest columnist, Garth George, and his fantasy world.

Normally, I can’t be bothered reading George’s fusty old right-wing tripe. (The fact that he was a judge in this year’s Qantas Media Awards explains a lot.) But today, having already mused on this latest acquittal, I was drawn to his views on the problems with today’s constabulary.