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Inspector Keyseau on the case — nyot anymeur

August 13, 2008

Inspector Clouseau’s a.k.a. John Key’s hunt for the mysterious taper has been foiled by fuzzy security camera tapes.

In some ways this is disappointing. It has been suggested that the Nats would be better off looking for “hip” anarchists than young Labourites. It was pretty damn daring, after all. Imagine Key’s embarrassment if it turned out to be the case that it was an anarchist.

Meanwhile, Steve Pierson at The Standard points out that we’ve missed something important in the Loose Lips English recording. I think he’s right. The words “But it’s working” have been construed as referring to Kiwibank, but that always did sound a little strange. Banks don’t “work”. But strategies do. Take another look:

ENGLISH: So we’re sitting here saying the punters are keen to keep it. They’re facing a recession. The last thing we want is to spend the whole election campaign with families of four on TV saying “Mr Key’s taking money off us”. You can’t do that. So later on we’re gonna have to have a bit of a sort out. Yeah, we’re gonna do something, but we can’t do it now…
DELEGATE: What about getting rid of Kiwibank, I mean…
ENGLISH: Well, eventually, but not now. Well, its working. A lot of our supporters get a bit antsy about it, but it’s working. It’s like a lot of things…”

So, the Crosby-Textor managed “Labour-lite” strategy is working — as we know — the conservatives get antsy about that — as they would — but it’s just a matter of getting through the election and then we can have a “bit of a sort out.”

I think we should know now what is going to be “sorted out”, thanks.

Oh, and the tapes. It was always a lame-brained idea, John.

That is what we have been saying you fewl!


Chief suspect in Key rubbish case collared

August 8, 2008


Note: At least Granny had the decency to publish this picture in this morning’s paper.

Filling in for DPF

May 30, 2008

Since DPF has taken off for a few days of sun on Great Barrier Is — the local greens are said to be arming themselves in readiness, but just with water pistols, you understand — the squad of giddy right-wing toadies collectively known as the ‘kiwiblog right’ must at bit of a loss. So, not wanting to see lesser species suffer unduly, I have undertaken to provide some of the masterful ‘cut-and-paste’ commentary for which KB is noted.

Here goes…