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You’d trust him again?

August 7, 2008

To understand the import of the comments of Lockwood Smith, caught out telling the truth, it pays to recall the background. Lockwood Smith in 1990:

The Standard also has an image of Lockwood Smith’s signed pledge to electors in 1990…

“I, Lockwood Smith, MP, hereby pledge to tender my resignation as Minister of Education if National having become the government in 1990, has not implemented most of the National Party Education Policy, as stated in 1990, by the beginning of the 1992 academic year.”

“In particular, I pledge to tender my resignation if the $1250 tertiary tuition fee has not been abolished by this time…”

It wasn’t. He didn’t. And now he says:

“Once we have gained the confidence of the people, we’ve got more chance of doing more things.”

“We may be able to do some things we believe we need to do, perhaps go through a discussion document process… you wouldn’t be able to do them straight off. … I’m hoping that we’ll do some useful things that way, that may not be policy right now.”