Hillary’s loss

Today dailykos has a series of posts on why Clinton lost (and Obama won). Since her loss is the source of completely irrational response in some quarters as Russell Brown posts, it’s worth considering the reasons. (See also an account of the booing of Obama’s name at Hillary’s concession speech; hat-tip No Minister.)

Dana Houle argues that Hillary “fought the last war, with the wrong generals, and not enough of an army.”

Houle acknowledges that in the context of a “change election”, where people are looking for change, Obama was the “better candidate.” She also points to the many errors made by the Clinton campaign; viz., ignoring the caucuses, not planning beyond Super Tuesday, not offering “a compelling message beyond ‘the Clinton years were good, and voting for Hillary Clinton will bring back what was good about the Clinton years’.” Refusing to repent for her vote on Iraq didn’t help.

She argues further that the Clinton campaign was built to fight a 1990s primary campaign. It didn’t fully understand new technology, and didn’t harness the new activism that emerged in 1994.

Georgia Logothetis disputes the myth that the media was soft on Obama, citing the Project for Excellence in Journalism. It’s just that the Clintons didn’t get the strength of the movement for change, she argues. And Laura Clawson writes in greater depth about Hillary Clinton’s failure to energise volunteers, even where she won.

It’s worth checking out these analyses in greater detail. One interesting point, no-one there is arguing that Clinton lost because of sexism. Let’s hope that those Clinton supporters who are vowing to vote for McCain come to see this soon.

[Update: Drew Western at Huffpo argues that Clinton lost simply because people connected emotionally with Obama, not unlike Bill Clinton’s capacity to inspire. “It’s the emotion, stupid.”]

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